Automate your compliance

automate your compliance

Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers, automate your compliance. To be more specific: Raemonda facilitates a compliance programme that automates and assists trust offices and other financial institutions in complying with anti-money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) and lots of other tools to be compliant in this complex world. Wouldn’t that make your compliance workflow a “little big bit” easier, so your organization can focus on activities that really matters to you? We would like to draw your attention for our two brochures to get to know Raemonda a little bit better.

The first brochure is ‘Our little big book for automating compliance for financial service providers’ and gives an overall view how and why Raemonda could support your organization. This ‘little big book’ provides you with ten different reasons and explanations how you could automate your compliance procedures using Raemonda, for example: Raemonda links with all financial- and CRM-software, its automated transaction monitoring feature and the separation of rights and roles to be constantly in control. But even more interesting is how easily and automatically you could migrate to Raemonda. Import your bulk data just once and you can directly automate your compliance workflow (see figure 1).

Figure 1: Process chart


Our second brochure is ‘Smart software for financial service providers’ and provides you with an overview of all Raemonda its functionalities and benefits for your organization. In this brochure another process chart is shown to demonstrate you the whole integrated compliance workflow when using Raemonda (e.g., automated sanction checks, automated acceptance memorandum, automated transaction monitoring and automated reporting and many more).

Are you curious what this process chart looks like? Then click here to download the brochures! If you are interested in a short demo of Raemonda, call or mail Rien Janssen, he can be reached at + 31 (0) 6 51 91 51 33 /


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