Automated sanction checker

Screen all your business relations with Raemonda’s automated sanction checker!

Follow-up sanctions

Due to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, there are daily quick follow-up sanction decisions. Changes in relation to the sanction regime may affect the way you service your clients. The sanctions are against individuals and entities who have contributed to the undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine.

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) communicated that financial institutions and trust offices in the Netherlands should check all their relationships for new sanctions and report them to the DNB.

Raemonda’s automated sanction checker

Raemonda ensures that all your relations are automatically screened against the most up-to-date sanction lists every night. This requires no further action for users of our software, so the screening of all your business relations is automatically up to date. Even now that there are daily (inter)national sanction decisions against Russia and Belarus, Raemonda screens automatically for all relevant parties of a structure, including the Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

In addition to this it is possible in Raemonda, through the custom reporting feature, to generate a report of all your Russian and Belarusian related entities. An overview with one click on the button of all Russian/Belarusian entities you do business with. Immediate insight into your clients nationality, country of birth and country of residence.

Stay compliant with Raemonda’s automated and up-to-date sanction checker during this troubling and uncertain time.

 If there are any questions about how we can help you with this, do not hesitate to ask. Call or mail Rien Janssen, he can be reached at + 31 (0) 6 51 91 51 33 /

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