Dynamic Custom Reporting

dynamic reporting

Automate your compliance. We are proud to announce the launch of our newest dynamic custom reporting feature. Raemonda has launched its new feature in order to increase your flexibility in creating reports with information of your choice. From now on you can generate reports with information of all your dossiers, entities, bank accounts, bank transactions, shareholders and many more! Of course you can still create reports using our report-templates (e.g., Client Acceptance file, Automated Acceptance Memorandum etc.).

Some ‘simple’ reports that can be created with Raemonda’s new feature are for example: all bank transactions in a specific year, all active object companies operating in a high risk country or all processed transactions where the amount is greater than €10.000,00. You can easily generate these types of reports with one click and download it as a csv-file.

This new feature offers you a wide range of options. The three examples described above are just examples of reports with a single condition. Raemonda offers also the possibility to combine them together and generate more complex reports, for example: all processed transactions which are greater than €10.000,00 in a specific year of all your object companies operating in a high risk country. Raemonda’s dynamic custom reporting feature does not only provide your organisation with relevant management information, it will also strengthen your compliance workflow!

Are you curious about how this new feature could support your organisation or would you like to get a short demo of our newest features (dynamic custom reporting, automated transaction monitoring and automated acceptance memorandum)?

Automate your compliance and call or mail Rien Janssen, he can be reached at + 31 (0) 6 51 91 51 33 / r.janssen@compliance-innovations.com


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