• Raemonda provides specialized compliance software for financial institutions and trust offices

  • By using Raemonda you can comply with EU Anti-Money Laundering directive and Counter Terrorism Finance regulations

  • Our software automates your compliance workflow with a clear reference to international laws and regulations

  • We believe that automation is the solution to a lot of compliance challenges that financial institutions / trust offices stand for

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Remote working becomes more and more important, and it stays that way in the future. That is what we are all learning the hard way. Not only now during this terrible crisis, but in general as well.

In the future, remote offices such as office spaces at home or “floating” workspaces throughout your office or outside, will become more and more important. On-line solutions are already in place in many sectors of a vast variety of industries, even so in the financial service industry.

Our Raemonda Smart Software Solution for financial service providers is such a SAAS (Software As A Service) solution for the compliance process, for both onboarding as well as for reviewing.

Work at home

Through our solution, you and your colleagues can simultaneously work on your compliance files from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet, in a safe and secure manner. With our built-in sanction checker, our transaction monitoring tool, our vast reporting possibilities and many, many more features, you will be safe and secure and you and your teams can simultaneously work remotely, any time of the day.


easy Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers
  • Thinking of going paperless  in your compliance process?

  • Do you already work with another (compliance) software program?

  • We help you with our easy migration tools.

  • Switching to Raemonda is easier than you might expect.

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Raemonda provides international focused compliance software for financial institutions and trust offices.

We strive to assist financial institutions in complying with EU Anti-Money Laundering directive and the Counter Terrorism Financing regulation.


Our Enschede office in villa Rozendaal


Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers
Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers

Old picture of the ancient "Hillegomschool" in Amsterdam in which our office is nowadays 

Raemonda facilitates software that automates compliance procedures to create a fully integrated and automated compliance workflow.


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your CDD and KYC

Wwft regulations and digital

As financial service provider you know how time consuming your CDD and KYC process can be, both for onboarding new clients as for reviewing existing clients. With Raemonda you automate your CDD and KYC procedures, and above that you also ... continue reading

Compliance Innovations

Compliance Innovations started to expand the RAEMONDA software solution to facilitate the Luxembourg clients and target companies. One of the most important issues within the Financial service industry is the ‘Customer Due Diligence’ (CDD) and the ‘Know Your Client’ principle ... continue reading
Compliance software

Fully automated 2020 re 2019

Fully automated 2020 re 2019 ISI-Questionnaire up-and-running in RAEMONDA  Every year all trust offices must complete the ISI-questionnaire over the past year. All trust offices recognise this to be a very time-consuming job.   Every year RAEMONDA takes away a big portion of this burden by automating the completion as much ... continue reading

Monthly newsletter (remote

Dear compliance professional, In this monthly newsletter (remote working, ISI questionnaire, Wwft, AML) we want to inform you about some new developments. First of all, we hope that you and those dear to you are safe and healthy. In these ... continue reading

RAEMONDA, an advanced digital

Digital transaction monitoring feature Improve your efficiency thanks to our digital transaction monitoring functionality. Our company, COMPLIANCE INNOVATIONS B.V. is owner of RAEMONDA, an advanced digital compliance information system for managing CDD/client acceptance and client review process and implementing a ... continue reading
digital compliance software

2020: new opportunities for

Dear compliance professional, First of all, we would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, filled with success and prosperity! As the beginning of a new year always brings new opportunities and reflection on the past year, it is perhaps a ... continue reading




Raemonda provides smart software for financial service providers


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