Raemonda Automated Acceptance Memorandum.


New features in Raemonda for Client Acceptance Memorandum and Transaction Monitoring.

Automated Acceptance Memorandum:

Last week we introduced our Automated Acceptance Memorandum for Object Companies that have to comply with the Wtt 2018. Once the questionnaire is completed, you can obtain your automated Acceptance Memorandum with one click, all ready to review, judge and accept (or not of course).

Transaction Monitoring:

We also introduced our dynamic csv-handling for transaction monitoring. You can define the way csv-files from any bank, or any accounting program will be handled by Raemonda so you can import your cash expectations as well as your cash transactions into Raemonda easily.

Automation is the solution to a lot of the challenges that financial service providers stand for.

Are you puzzled about getting your compliance automated? Then you should look at a specialised program. Get Raemonda!

With Raemonda you automate your CDD and KYC procedures, and on top of that you also have an automated transaction monitoring system and fully automated sanction checker on board among many other tools and features to ease your life.

Our software is developed based on the requirements of the Wtt 2018 and Wwft and focused to support you in fulfilling your legal compliance obligations. Next to that, our software package includes many great features such as sanction checks PEP checks and ICIJ checks, various reporting (such as the ISI report) and risk management tools.

Are you interested in how this would support your organisation or are you curious about how our CDD / KYC software tool with its transaction monitoring and sanction checker works? Perhaps you are already familiar with our software, but curious about the latest features or the new future features that are planned?

Last but not least you can now preview and download our brochures. Feel free to have look. https://www.compliance-innovations.com/downloads/

Please visit our website for more information. However, we prefer to show you a short demo of our software. Call Rien Janssen, he can be reached at + 31 (0) 6 51 91 51 33 / r.janssen@compliance-innovations.com


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