Compliance goes far beyond paper


Compliance goes far beyond paper

Compliance management is more than trying to comply with laws and regulations through the correct work processes and risk measures. It is the internal culture and behavioral components in conjunction with clear rules, an adequately designed compliance function and feasible associated procedures and processes that ensure a strong anchoring of compliance in the business model. Compliance concerns the entire organization and it goes far beyond the paper reality.

Sustainable advantage

Compliance is no longer an advantage, but an absolute must and good practice. Non-compliant action is becoming increasingly expensive given the sharper view of regulators and an increasingly critical society. Optimal automated management of compliance risks also often offers efficiency benefits and therefore saves costs. In addition, being aware and effectively implementing new or amended laws and regulations provides the opportunity for product development and process optimization to improve your services. This allows organizations to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Innovative compliance solutions will become the norm in monitoring and control activities. In doing so, we are increasingly leaving the paper age behind us.

Added Value

Since 2014, Raemonda has been offering tools to compliance officers, risk and first-line managers and directors in designing, structuring, anchoring and improving compliance within the organization.

We are experienced, specialized and motivated to help organizations with this challenge.

Raemonda distinguishes itself by primarily taking human behaviour into account in its compliance software. We believe that compliance officers can be of maximum added value in their role as gatekeeper of the integrity of the organization if they are not distracted by performing unnecessary administrative actions. We offer optimal automated support with innovative instruments for CDD/KYC | Acceptance and review | Transaction monitoring | Integrated workflow | Risk management | PEP-and sanction check | Reporting | Rights and roles separation | Delegated monitoring | Anti money laundering | ICIJ screening

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